Recollections by chrisMullin

Did the Beatles have an effect on your life? On culture and society? Did you have a favorite Beatle? If yes, who and why?
I first heard the Beatles on a friend's radio on my high school bus. I was captivated immediately! It was such a fresh sound, mesmerizing and personal in a way that my previous exposure to music hadn't been. It was also very cool and "groovy" to share my adulation of the Beatles with peers. Our parents didn't know what to make of them and some were kinda fearful that their kids would be unduly influenced, especially by albums such as Sgt Pepper"s Lonely Hearts Club Band which reflected the Beatles' exposure to psychedelic drugs. What a masterpiece that album still is! I will never forget how stunned and upset my teen brother and I were when we first brought that album home and played it in earshot of our Dad. He removed it from the house! We were heartbroken and more convinced than ever that adults just "didn't get it.".
What did you wear for special occasions?
I loved the mini skirt, but one of my favorite special outfits was a dress in a wild psychedelic print! There was no missing me on the street - in fact, the bold colors were probably blinding! I did a bit of modeling work while in London and this photo with me in "the dress" was from a magazine article.

About chrisMullin

Caucasian Female
Age in 1960: 12
Born in: Arlington, Va
Arrived in London: 1967
Departed London: 1969
Districts inhabited: Paddington, Bayswater; Earl's Court; Nottinghillgate
Over my 2 years in London I lived in 4 different one room bedsitters in the areas listed above, in the order listed.
Immediately after my high school graduation in the US in 1966, my father was stationed with the military in Germany. After living with my folks for a while in Germany, I packed a bag and headed to London. I told them it was just a vacation, but deep down I had made up my mind I was going to live and work there. To an 18 year old American girl London in the 60"s was the center of the universe! I was convinced my life was destined to be exciting from that point on, and in many ways it was.