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Did the Beatles have an effect on your life? On culture and society? Did you have a favorite Beatle? If yes, who and why?
There are some things that sock you in the gut. Make you choke up a little in the back of your throat. It's inexplicable, but somehow familiar. This is the effect the Beatles had, and continue to have on me. They are part of a collective, universal memory -- one that I believe goes back farther than 50 years. I used to bemoan the fact that I was erroneously born in the wrong decade (the '80's). I missed Beatlemania altogether, and had to carry the torch on my own it seemed. I was teasingly called "Beatle" in the 7th grade, an outcast among many 'N Sync obsessed throngs of girls, whom I thought were all obviously misguided and missing the point. Now, looking back, I realize I was wrong. I wasn't alone. I was fortunate to have a Mom (with two fellow Beatlenuts) that imparted this love to me, fanned the flames, and showed me how alive their legacy is and always will be. I was telling my my Mom a few months ago after I watched "Living in the Material World," that it is at once delightful and bewildering to approach the Beatles from an adult lens. By this I mean, that I find my childhood crush has morphed into something else altogether different, and I don't quite know them as I used to. It's a joy to get to know them, and fall in love all over again.

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