Recollections by Kathleen

Recollections in general about 1960's London
I arrived in 1962 as a student. I think it was the following year, 1963, in the autumn term, I experienced the last of the real "pea soupers", the thick London smogs that meant you quite literally couldn't see your hand in front of your face. I was finding my way slowly in streets I knew well near the British Museum and when I was approached by a man who was walking in front of a bus, leading it foot by foot along the road! He asked me if I knew the Montagu Hotel in Bloomsbury, and fortunately I did and it was quite close. So I helped him guide the bus for the last few yards. Inside was a group of Swedish farmers coming to London for a conference. The man had guided them all the way from Marble Arch -- a couple of miles. They were very grateful! The smogs were caused by fog mixing with smoke from coal fires. Soon afterwards they banned coal in all the major cities, and there were no more smogs.

About Kathleen

British Female
Age in 1960: 16
Born in: Birkenhead, Cheshire
Arrived in London: 1962
Departed London: 1968
Districts inhabited: Bloomsbury, WC1 Brondesbury Park, NW6 Hammersmith, W6
Bloomsbury - 18-19 Brondesbury park - 20-23 Hammersmith - 23-24
I was a student at SOAS, London University. In the first year I lived in a nearby Hall of Residence, called Canterbury Hall. Then I moved into a flat with student friends, and when they graduated before me, i moved to Hammersmith and lived in a bedsit. I was doing a postgrad MPhil, and then left for India in 1968.