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Residences and Neighborhoods
Number 23 as it is today (left-hand side of the semi-detached house)....
Residences and Neighborhoods
Sitting on the Little Green in front of Number 23 in 1964....
Residences and Neighborhoods
I grew up at Number 23 High Meadow Crescent in Kingsbury, London NW9. The house was built in 1925 (see 1926 photo). I remember when we moved in in May 1963 there was a fireplace in the kitchen where the previous owner for some inexplicable reason had left a pair of burned socks. There was also a fireplace in the front room. In the later 1960s, my parents had central heating installed and the coal bunker in the back garden was dismantled. Even after that, though, the concrete base remained as a reminder of earlier decades. I recall my brother and I digging in the garden one summer and we found a piece of fuselage from a WWII plane. My Dad made us throw it away! Our old house looks much better today than it did when we lived in it! (By the way, singer George Michael sang about his 1960s Kingsbury childhood in the moving song entitled "ROUND HERE" --
December Holidays in London
Another fond Christmas memory I have is of my family going shopping at Sopers (possibly in Harrow?) just before Christmas. This would've been around 1968. They had a big Dalek from DOCTOR WHO there and it was open at the side so kids could sit inside it. Brilliant.
December Holidays in London
One of my most powerful and poignant Christmas memories comes from about 1969, I think. I used to love to read the Christmas issue of the RADIO & TV TIMES and, in this year's issue (it could have been 1970, though), there was a feature where various celebrities had told their favourite childhood Christmas memory. The only part of that article I recall was Cilla Black's Christmas memory: of waking up on Christmas morning and walking through the silent streets on her own. I've been trying for decades to find a copy of that issue of the RADIO & TV TIMES -- or, at the very least, that feature article....
December Holidays in London
Hi Julie, As soon as you mentioned the "faux leather detachable covers with poppers at the back to close them" my memories ignited. My family had a black radio, just like the ones you described. Was the song "Transistor Radio" that you mentioned the one by "Benny Hill"? Wayne

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Although I know live in Toronto, Canada, my heart will always be in London. Such fond memories of Kingsbury....