Recollections by Koli

Did the Beatles have an effect on your life? On culture and society? Did you have a favorite Beatle? If yes, who and why?
I saw the Beatles live twice on stage. You had to queue up for tickets and to get really good ones you had to get there very early, or even queue overnight. i wasn't allowed to do that (well I was about 12). Also my mum said that she had to go too! Not because she was a fan but to supervise! So I got 2 tickets for us, my friends who were allowed to queue got better ones, and I had to sit with my mum. When the Beatles cam on everybody screamed, but I wasn't allowed so i had to just sit there. it was so boring, you couldn't hear anything, couldn't see anything because everyone was jumping up and down. it was terrible and my mum didn't enjoy it either. It was a bit like being the only one sober at a party. The following year I was allowed to go a bit earlier as my friend was there with an older sister. Another school friend also wanted tickets but she wasn't allowed to queue at all, she asked me to get them. of course my mum was going too. so I was mean, I got tickets with Teresa and her sister and got two for my mum and Anna, further back. So they had to sit together and i could scream in peace, as it was the only thing to do! i had a much better time, but to be honest the Beatles were only on about 15 minutes and they really weren't that good live. Needless to day Anna never forgave me!
Where did you do your clothes shopping?
Mostly C&A in Kensington High St, with a bit of Richards Shops and Etam. Shoes came from Dolcis. A lot of my clothes were home-made. I remember being very keen on prairie style, my mum made me a gorgeous green striped dress with a frill and high neck. One day two ladies knocked on our door, it turned out they owned a boutique in Park Walk (off the Fulham end of the King's Rd), they were looking for a dress maker and one of the neighbours told them that the foreign woman at no 19 did sewing. my mum wasn't that keen as she already had a job sewing for Lily Gould as a homeworker, but she made a few samples for them and they were delighted. I was beside myself with delight that my mum sewed for a proper boutique! Later on she got a job in a sewing factory in Notting Hill. She loved it there, it was family run and she made samples. there were lots of laughs and good company. I used to love meeting her after school and we went to the cinema.
What did your everyday outfit look like?
I had a custom made mini made from my mum's navy serge skirt. it was a hipster, well above the knee with an op-art based design on it (except it wasn't black and white but had red too). With that I wore a brown skinny rib jumper and a reefer jacket. no one had a skirt like that and i used to get stopped in the street. i also had a fab pink smock dress with a crochet collar from C&A and a black op-art dress my mum made. most of our clothes were home made, but my mum sewed for a boutique too. It was off the King's Road at Park Walk but the only thing i could afford to buy there was a string of wooden beads. i still have them.
Did the Beatles have an effect on your life? On culture and society? Did you have a favorite Beatle? If yes, who and why?
The Beatles were on at the Hammersmith Odeon near my school. It was the last day of term so we finished early and went over there. We managed to get right in to the auditorium, not that there was anything to see! after we got chucked out we were lurking around outside and who should draw up in a black lime but George Harrison. My friend Elaine went right up close to the car and declared that he had pink lipstick on! We also saw Ringo Starr running past backstage but I never saw Paul my hero that day. We also met Mal Evans the Roadie who actually chatted to us. Incidentally that day we also met Jimmy Savile there and he was creepy and not at all interesting to us, so we just had a brief conversation but why talk to him when the Yardbirds were there. they were actually quite pleased to be seen talking to a bunch of 12 year olds and gave us their autographs. We followed them in the subway and they didn't run from us. they sounded good too on stage.
Where did you hear the latest pop music?
Radio Luxembourg while I was doing my homework

About Koli

Polish Female
Age in 1960: 9
Born in: London
Arrived in London:
Departed London: select year
Districts inhabited: Fulham, Chiswick
Fulham up to 18 Chiswick 18 onwards
I Lived in a little terraced house next to the tube line. we had an outside toilet but we were very posh in that we had the only bathroom in the street. Everyone else went to the Public Baths once a week. All the kids used to "play out" all the time. All the adults, except my parents used to hang over the garden fence and see what was going on. Everyone knew each other's business. if someone in the street died a neighbour went to all the houses with a collection of flowers. we all came out of our houses when the coffin went by. there wasn't much solidarity otherwise as people only mixed with their own families. The Irish were more friendly than the English. Only children visited each others houses,not adults, but mostly we were outside.