Recollections by Pete Grant

Residences and Neighborhoods
My family lived in council housing throughout the 60s. We started in a flat in Whetstone at the start of the 60s, were briefly on an old housing estate in North Finchley before getting a house in Finchley Central on a 50s built estate. Seen through a child's eyes, the three bedroomed house was large, although in reality it wasn't. The kitchen always seemed small though, even then. My favourite feature was a little kitchen hutch, small doors that opened through to the living room, that were big enough to pass food through. This simple feature fascinated me as a kid. I also liked the french windows in the living room that opened up into the garden. We had a greengage tree out there that was easy to climb. I used to like climbing up there, perching on two sturdy limbs and reading my American comics.

About Pete Grant

English Male
Age in 1960: 3
Born in: Whetstone, London, N.20
Arrived in London:
Departed London: select year
Districts inhabited: Whetstone, N.20 1957 - 1962, Finchley, N.12 1962 - 64, Finchley N.3 1964 -
Whetstone, N.20 Birth till 5, North Finchley N12 5 - 6, Finchley Central, N.3. 6 - 13
I spent my childhood years in London, living in council housing. My Dad was a PHG, a postman higher grade. We were not well off by any means but I mostly loved my childhood. My Father and Mother took me all around London, the West End, museums, the Zoo, etc. I loved Finchley, but at a fairly young age I did become aware of social stratification. My Dad did a gardening job in the afternoons after he got home from the Post Office. I went with him one day. It was at a large house in the posh part of Finchley. The woman my Dad worked for referred to him as my "little" man. I didn't consider him little and it was much later that I realised that "little" pertained to her perc ieved view of his station in life. This wasn't confined to London of course, but the class system at the time was a factor in daily life for those of us near the bottom ofit. Positive memories include bus rides, parks, and the feeling that London belonged to me.