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Did the Beatles have an effect on your life? On culture and society? Did you have a favorite Beatle? If yes, who and why?
It was 50 years ago today (or thereabouts!), that the Beatles stepped off the plane in the US and into history! They played on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9, 1964. I remember watching that Ed Sullivan show the night that he introduced the Beatles to his screaming audience! We, as a family, sat there and watched in disbelief! I wondered if all those girls in the audience were paid to scream because I didn't believe that the Beatles were known yet in the US. My brother closest to me in age—just a couple of years older—was ecstatic, our oldest brother was ambivalent if not a bit hostile since he was at the time the rhythm guitar player in a very popular and lucrative SF Bay Area rock & roll band, The Skyliters.  Dad was a bit insulted by the Beatles, and Mom liked them. In fact, this might have been the time when Mom asked Dad, "Gee, Johnny, when did you become such an old fogey?!" I remember her asking him that at some time early on and it was definitely when we were listening to "pop" music. I was only 11, pretty ignorant of music, and just went along with my closest brother's opinion (with great enthusiasm!) mainly to defy the older generation! That night though, The Beatles and their innovative "sound" actually opened my mind and heart to music. I've thought since then that they were pretty much responsible for giving me my love of music. LOVED Paul!

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