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Recollections in general about 1960’s London

“We had such simple pleasures as regards entertainment, just a record player and someone’s front room. All friends gathered just to dance and enjoy the music.The girls never drank alcohol and the boys had a couple of pints that lasted all night. On a Saturday we would go to a record shop and all crowd into a tiny booth to hear the record of our choice. Hardly ever actually bought a record because someone else in your group already had it. I can so remember my starched net petticoats which were all squashed into the record booths, all of us wore them or mini skirts.” Gill Palin

“I remember the music, transistor radios, buying 45s and waiting by the
radio for every new Beatles single to come out, listening to the
pirate radio. I recall buying Sgt Pepper from my pocket money as I
entered my teenagehood, a group of hippies once visited the school and
were allowed to talk to us one lunch break by the head. I recall
feeling embarrassed when the Beatles grew beards. Seeing my photo from
that year it seems amazing that I look so young and innocent! I recall
finding the times enticing but somehow mysterious  – and
overall much of life was very ordinary! Obviously we only have one
teenage period and so it is hard to distinguish whether those senses
of the time would be just about ‘growing up’.”  Mike Aiken

What was your “swinging London” experience?

“Swinging London”

“At night in London, anything could happen.  You might attend a concert by a band of geniuses who would create music worth remembering for decades or see a fortune come and go gambling at an elegant casino in Mayfair or learn the Twist at a trendy discotheque near Piccadilly or smoke pot at an after-hours Caribbean joint in Notting Hill or laugh out loud at an old-fart prime minister being lampooned on a West End stage or nightclub in Soho.”  Shawn Levy, Ready, Steady, Go! The Smashing Rise and Giddy Fall of Swinging London.