The Museum of London exhibitions and oral history collection

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All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release, Jean-Michael Guesdon and Phillipe Margotin, Blck Dog & Leventhal, New York

Tea This Boy

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A 1960’s Childhood: From Thunderbirds to Beatlemania, Paul Feeney, The History Press, 2010

PDF]Jerry White: Social and Cultural Change in 1960s London ‘The 

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A cup of tea that is forever England, Lighthearted tales of working class life in 1960’s London, Mira Harmer, edited by Julie Norton, Brranchwood Publishing, 2012

No Turning Back: The Peacetime Revolutions of Post-War Britain, Paul Addison, Oxford University Press, 2010

The Sixties, Jenny Diski, Picador, 2009

Radio Caroline: The True Story of the Boat that Rocked, Ray Clarke, The History Press, May 2014

Radio Caroline was the world’s most famous pirate radion station during its heyday in the 1960s and ’70s, but did the thousands of people tuning in realise just what battles went on behind the scenes? Financed by respected city money men, this is a story of human endeavour and risk, international politics, business success and financial failures. A story of innovation, technical challenges, changing attitudes, unimaginable battles with nature, disasters, frustrations, challenging authority and the promotion of love and peace while, at time, harmony was far from evident behind the scenes. For one person to tell the full Radio Caroline story is impossible, but there are many who have been involved over the years whose memories and experiences bring the modern day adventure story of fighting overwhelming odds to life. Featuring many rare photographs and unpublished interviews with the ‘pirates’ who were there, Ray Clark, once a Radio Caroline disc jockey himself, tells the captivating story of the boat that rocked!