The View from Here and There

twiggyyoungAn American View of London in the 60’s

OK, call me shallow, if you must, but London came to my attention when Twiggy came to my attention. Here was this woman who was my height and my weight and was making big bucks by showing herself off. My tomboy figure was nothing I ever celebrated until Twiggy showed up. Is it possible that I too could achieve fame and fortune with an asset that I had always tried to hide in over sized shirts ? Teens everywhere are looking for role models and why not cross the seas to find one? Now that London was on my radar, I found that the cool 60’s British Bands, the Eiffel Tower and SoHo were pretty interesting too. I knew this place was a must see and would be part of my later travels. And while I haven’t met Twiggy yet, I’m happy to report that this still tomboy like body has visited her home several times and recently taken up an acting/modeling career in her 60’s ! Thanks, Twiggy.   Luanne

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